Gas Furnace Buying Guide

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Is it time to change out that old gas furnace and upgrade to a bright and shiny, new model? Well, at Aairco Air Conditioning & Heating we think you’ve made an excellent choice. Not only can a brand-new furnace make your home more comfortable than that old model, it can save you some money along the way. Here are some things you should know before you take the plunge and buy a brand-new gas furnace:

  • Hire the right professional. Get several quotes. Ask for recommendations. And, do your research online. Installation quality is heavily tied into the continued quality of your gas furnace – this is not the place to skimp. Here is a more in-depth look into hiring an HVAC contractor.
  • Compare performance features. Want to save energy? Go with a multi-stage unit instead of a single-stage unit. Want a better mixture of air throughout your home? Check out a variable-speed furnace. New gas furnaces come with many bells and whistles that help reduce spending and increase comfort – they’re not just for show.
  • Don’t just go with the cheapest system. Make sure you think about long-term savings. Although the initial sticker price may seem costly, it’ll be worth it in the end. Utility bill savings can make up those initial costs over time.
  • Check out the benefits of zoning. Zoning systems can be great for reducing utility bills and increasing comfort. Ask your contractor whether your home can benefit from a zoning system.
  • Know what’s involved in the costs of your new system. Installation prices will comprise a big chunk of your final bill. But, the price of your new system also includes: ductwork, size, efficiency, comfort additions, and more.
  • Make sure your system is correctly sized. At Aairco Air Conditioning & Heating out professional estimators will perform the proper calculations  to make sure the unit is the right size.
  • Warranty registration! Ask whether it is your responsibility or your contractor’s responsibility to register your warranty. After you register your equipment, you’ll enjoy full warranty coverage.
  • Don’t forget about IAQ! The quality of your indoor air is just as important as the temperature of that air. Surprisingly, indoor air can often be more polluted than outdoor air. That makes indoor air quality systems like air cleaners and UV air purifiers that much more important! Our professional technicians will be happy to assist you in picking out the right indoor air quality product for your home.

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