San Diego Air Conditioning Services

Keeping your Air Conditioning unit running properly requires regular maintenance inspections. With a tuneup from the HVAC professionals at Aairco Air Conditioning and Heating, the longevity of your cooling system can be greatly increased while saving you more on energy costs. We are able to accomplish this by removing and cleaning your unit's coils and adding just the right amount of refrigerant. We also examine your unit's airflow and overall performance to make sure that you optimize your energy use. With annual maintenance, you can be sure that your air conditioning system is working properly throughout the year.

Is A/C maintenance really important?

Without routine and proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit will lose approximately 5% of it's proficiency every year. As this loss accumulates, it will begin to affect the indoor comfort of your home while racking up additional energy costs. This loss affects your indoor comfort level and the price of your energy bill.

When is the Best Time to replace your A/C?

If you notice that your air conditioning unit isn't working like it used to, the system may need to be repaired or replaced altogether. Unfortunately, the problem may be more difficult to detect than you might imagine as these issues can build up slowly over time. Fortunately, the HVAC professionals at Aairco Air Conditioning and Heating can help you quickly identify any potential problems to save you money later on down the road. If you think there is a possibility that your A/C unit needs service, there are several indicators to be aware of.

These Indicators include:

  • Inconsistent Temperatures in Your Home
  • Your Unit is Over 15 Years Old
  • Your A/C Unit Starts and Stops Excessively

If you routinely experience any of these issues, contact Aairco and we will replace your unit with a modern and cost effective unit.

What are some of Aairco's Advantages

With years of experience troubleshooting HVAC systems, the professionals at Aairco can determine your needs quickly and efficiently. We also use a variety of inspection tools that not available to the general public. When you delay service or attempt to fix these issues on your own, you may be incurring additional costs in the future. Our licensed team of HVAC techs can properly inspect your system and provide you with ongoing assurance that your system is working properly

We are licensed, and our years of experience gives us greater competence than what the average individual has. Because pipes that burst have been known to obliterate entire rooms, it is the better choice to have a professional handle such problems rather than taking care of them yourself.

For quality HVAC services, look no further than Aairco Air Conditioning and Heating. For immediate attention, please call us at (619) 697-6077.