How Did Your Furnace Perform This Winter?


How Did Your Furnace Perform this Winter?

You’re always on top of furnace maintenance, protecting the efficiency of your system and the safety of your family with routine air filter replacement, professional and D-I-Y cleaning and maintenance, and necessary venting and carbon monoxide safety measures. Unfortunately, all the maintenance in the world won’t forestall the inevitable when it comes to an aging furnace. Is yours on its last leg?

Use this furnace inspection list to gain a deeper understanding of system performance and gauge the efficiency and lifespan of your furnace.

  1. Consider your energy bill compared to previous years.
    If monthly bills have been higher than usual (and you haven’t been the unfortunate victim of a rate increase), your furnace is showing its age, working harder and consuming additional fuel/energy in its efforts to heat your home.
  2. Look back on performance issues.
    Did your furnace shut off on its own and require a restart? If you had difficulty bringing it back to life, this could indicate thermostat or other issues.
  3. Note noises.
    Knocking, squeaking, rattling, popping and other sounds, even if intermittent, are a sign of a furnace with one foot out the door.
  4. Inspect your ductwork and air intake vents.
    Uncomfortable or uneven temperatures could point to performance and distribution issues if you do not find ductwork leaks or blocked air intake vents.
  5. How did your pre-season maintenance go?
    If your trusted technician is starting to hint (or has outright stated) your system is showing its age during your annual, pre-season maintenance, he’s not just trying to make conversation. If your furnace is 15 year old (or older) – it’s time to start shopping!

Furnace Not Looking So Hot?

These signs indicate a furnace in need of service or replacement. Luckily, now is great time of year to start planning for these services, both financially and logistically. Not only can replacing your furnace help you avoid emergency situations in some of the season’s worst weather, it can ensure home comfort and save you considerably on heating costs. Systems just 10-years old only offer peak performance of 78% efficiency… Less performance issues, today that 10-year old furnace could be operating at 60%. With heating your home’s biggest energy expenditure, and today’s furnaces boasting 95%+ efficiency, you’re looking at significant monthly and annual savings.

Staring annual furnace maintenance in the face? You may want to consider replacement first. With monthly energy savings, it’s well within your reach! Warm up to today’s new furnace options. Schedule your free in-home consultation with a professional Aairco Air Conditioning & Heating tech's today.

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