Ductless Mini Split Specials

"Affordable mini-split air conditioners and mini-split heat pumps" are great solutions in cases where duct work is not practically or economically feasible.  The sleek, low profile design of modern air conditioning units make them a good aesthetic choice for your home or office, while the mini-split also conserves power and lowers energy costs.  A ductless heat pump and air conditioners conserves the energy lost pushing cooled and heated air through the ducts.  If you are looking for greater efficiency and versatility, a split air conditioner or mini-split air conditioner may be just what you need.

Aairco Air Conditioning & Heating is now offering the "Mirage" Magnum series Ductless Mini Split with Inverter technology.

These are quite, energy efficient ductless mini split systems. We offer free in home estimates. Call our office today 619-697-6077

Mirage Ductless Mini Split

Mirage Ductless Mini Split

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