What to do when your furnace wont start.

It’s cold outside and you’ve come home with the hope of having a cozy warm evening, but your furnace won’t start. Don’t Panic. You can call Aairco Air Conditioning & Heating to solve your furnace repair any time you need it. However, before you pick up that phone, you ought to troubleshoot your system. You may be dealing with a minor problem that you can solve easily. Follow this step by step troubleshooting guide and you may not have to make that call.

• Check the thermostat setting

What are the settings on your system? Ensure that the thermostat is set to heat. If it is set to cool, the furnace won’t produce any heat and you may mistakenly think the system has broken down. If it is off, turn it on.

• Ensure that power is connected

Check to see if the furnace is connected to a power supply and the switch is turned on. This applies also for gas furnaces. They also use electricity to operate. The power switch may have been turned off accidentally or intentionally while cleaning or carrying out other activities in the area.

The circuit breaker on the equipment may have tripped as a result of a power surge. Inspect the system’s control board for any burn marks. These indicate an electrical short. Before turning the switch back on, check the power cable for any signs of damage.

• Inspect the blower indicator light

Blower compartments in furnaces have inspection windows through which you can view the indicator light. When the blower is functioning properly, a green light will be flashing. However, if there are any problems with the blower’s motor, run capacitor, control board or transformer, the light will either flash red or not at all.

• Inspect the condensate pan

Furnaces have condensate pans that collect water. If the pan is full of water, the furnace will not turn on. Drain the pan of water. Before replacing it, check the condensate pipes to ensure there is no blockage. Your pump may need to be replaced if it has lost power. This should be done by a professional.

• Check the pilot light

The pilot light on the furnace should be on when the furnace is on and heating the home. If the flame is off, relight it. Check to thermocouple switch to see if the flame has reached the bottom. Should the flame go out immediately after relighting it, then there may be a problem with the sensor or assembly. There may be dirt on the sensor hindering its function.

• Check the gas supply

If you have a gas furnace, check the supply of gas to your furnace. If there is a disruption, then your system will not have the fuel it needs to operate. Do you smell gas? If so, there may be a leak in the supply system. Leave your home immediately if this is the case and get in touch with Service Champions for emergency furnace repair services. Leaking gas can result in an explosion.

• Inspect the exhaust flue

Check the chimney exhaust flue for blockage. Birds and other small animals are attracted to the chimney because of the warmth. They often fall inside and may cause blockage. Ensure that the furnace is off before dismantling the furnace to check for debris. Reassemble the flue in the order your dismantled it.

• Clean drain lines

If your furnace is a high-efficiency model, then several gallons of water are likely to drain off during the winter seasons when the furnace is being used extensively for heating. Drain lines may become restricted as a result of the collection of sediment or the growth of mold. Clean the drains by filling them with a mixture of water and bleach (25%) for several minutes then flushing them.

Contact us when your heating system is in need of repair or maintenance. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians has the right skills and equipment to safely carry out furnace maintenance, repair and replacement of parts.

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