Choosing the gas furnace for your home.

The brand or manufacturer of gas furnace you decide to purchase for your home will definitely have an effect on both the wholesale cost, and installed gas or propane furnace price. That said, a poorly installed, top rated gas furnace is more likely to fail, than a professionally installed, lower rated furnace. Working with a professional HVAC contractor is just as important as choosing the right furnace brand.

While we focus primarily on natural gas, most can be converted to a propane gas furnace for a very small fee. In most cases, it involves replacing the gas valve, the burners, jests, or a combination of the parts. Depending on your furnace the kit cost around $25-$100 range. As you review the pricing tables below, you can adjust the cost to add a conversion kit, to get the estimated propane furnace price you need.

Setting the Average Home Baseline

In order to display the average furnace price from different brand, we need to set a standard baseline. For this example, we'll use an 80,000 btu gas furnace with 90% AFUE efficiency, and a 3 ton (1200 cfm) fixed speed blower, being installed in a first floor utility closet, basement, or mechanical room. This setup would be common in a average 1600-2000 square foot home. The "Furnace Only" cost is considered the wholesale pricing, and "Approx Installed Cost" is a estimate of the furnace, including installation cost, and no other accessories or central air unit.

Furnace Brand Compar

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