Repair Cost with Estimates of Diagnostic , Part Removal, and Installation Time.

Fixing a broken gas furnace is a job best left to a qualified HVAC technician. Once you get past the return air filters and the thermostat, you will likely need specialized tools and the correct furnace manuals to understand diagnostic codes and troubleshooting procedures for your specific brand of your furnace.

Most furnace repair companies work from a flat rate repair cost book, or use a factor of parts and labor to determine the price you pay for the furnace repair. THere are good and bad about both pricing methods, and industry mix is relatively equally split. The gas furnace parts only cost is based on what you could buy the part for yourself, if you were to handle all troubleshooting, track down the part, and complete the repair 100% on your own, The install time is based on the approximate time it would take a professionally trained technician to diagnosis, remove and replace and confirm the gas furnace being in good working condition. The total cost of parts installed includes all parts and labor including the service call cost.

Note: If your gas furnace is more that 8-10 years old, or the total cost of the service call and your repair is more than $750, you should always ask for a full replacement estimate, and always get a second opinion if you have the ability to do so. If you would like a free quote from one of our qualified technicians.

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