Ductless Mini Split Versus Central Air and Heating

Ductless Mini Split Versus Central Air and Heatingductless8large

We field our fair share of questions on the road to finding a fully satisfactory solution for our San Diego consumers. Chief among them is: “What type of heating and Air Conditioning do I need?” This question comes up particularly often regarding central or ductless heating. We nearly always respond with our own questions:

“What do you expect from your heating and air conditioning?” or “What are your heating and air conditioning needs”, etc., the list could go on.

But the bare essence here is this: What type of heating and air conditioning suits you best is intrinsically tied to your unique needs.

Both systems bring plenty of perks to the table, some similar and some unique to the system. So how do you choose? Well, let’s have a look at what each system brings to the table!

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Ductless Versus Central : A Brief Comparison

The real meat and potatoes of the discussion lies in what each heating and air conditioning systems can offer you. The upsides of a central air and heating system include:

  • Generally lower costs. Bells and whistles aside, central air and heating is one of the less expensive options to purchase and install, and they don’t require the purchase of fuel sources. This makes them readily available in nearly all locations, and a pretty easy investment to digest.
  • Minimal maintenance. Maintaining central air and heating is very straightforward, requiring annual maintenance and rare repairs.
  • Sheer power. If you’re in love with that soul-warming blast of warm air often associated with a furnace kicking on, or the quick cooling of the house on a 90 degree day the raw power of a central unit is right up your alley.

All of this sounds pretty good, right? Well, don’t choose right away, because ductless mini split has some great advantages, too:

  • Zoning. Far and away, one of the greatest features of ductless  is the sheer amount of versatility and control they provide. With a ductless system, each room can be temperature controlled independently. This means in rooms where you need cooling or heat most, you can have more, and in rooms where heating  or cooling is a bit of a waste, you can keep the temperatures lower. It’s all up to you!
  • Efficiency. Tied into the zoning aspect, this versatility means you only pay for what you decide you need, which can result in dramatically less energy use and much lower energy costs.
  • Simple and quick installation. With ductless mini split system, it’s all in the preparation. The actual installation process is a breeze to trained professionals, bringing you comfortable cool air quickly and readily.

Both types share many benefits, of course, but what we’ve brought up are solely unique to each system. So which is right for you?

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