Ygrene Works & Aairco Financing using P.A.C.E. Program

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Aairco Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to announce our partnership and certification in the Ygene Works, P.A.C.E program.

You may ask what is Ygrene or the P.A.C.E. program? Here is some basic information about this new financing program.

What does Ygrene do? Ygrene provides special financing known as Property Assessed Clean Energy (P.A.C.E.) which allows you to finance improvements to your property by putting the financed amount on your property tax bill.  Ygrene offers our program in partnership with your local city or county government.  The partnership enables the program to provide low cost financing over long terms with zero money out of your pocket.   With Ygrene, you will save energy and money and your city gets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How can I use the funds? Our funds can be used by both residential and commercial property owners.  Funding is available for any project that creates renewable energy such as solar, saves energy such as a high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system and water conservation projects such as net-zero landscaping.

Why is making payments on my property tax bill a great idea?
Making payments on you property tax bill is a great idea for many reasons.  First, it saves you money and makes Ygrene America’s best financing option.  The payment may be tax-deductible which reduces your effective cost.   Additionally, just like property tax, the payments can stay with the property when you move.  The new owners makes future payments while also enjoying the energy and tax savings benefits.   Further, depending on when you install your upgrade, you won’t have to make a payment for up to 17 months.  There are many more benefits to this innovative financing.
Why would I use Ygrene financing over traditional financing?
Ygrene beats traditional financing hands down.  Our longer terms and tax advantages deliver the lowest monthly payments – saving you up to 50% or more over traditional financing.  Add in other benefits such as payments that stay with your property, zero money down and no payments for up to 17 months and it’s easy to see why Ygrene is America’s best financing option.
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